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INFOBALT’2006 exhibition-fair „Supertechnologies and entertainment for everyone”
18-21st October 2006, Vilnius, Lithuanian Exhibition and Convention Centre „Litexpo“



Association „Infobalt“ and Exhibition and Convention Centre „Litexpo“ invite to visit or to participate in exhibition INFOBALT’2006, dedicated to ITT technologies, E-services and electronics.

The first exceptional feature this year is the solid stand rental price determination. The price of stand does not depend on pavilion. One square metre in all halls of INFOBALT‘2006 exposition costs 70 EUR (18 % VAT not included).

The second very important point – participants will be divided in two purposive groups: “for mass visitors” and  ”for business, authority and professionals”. This feature makes easier to choose place for exhibition according to your goals. You will have an opportunity to have two stands with different personnel, products and shows aiming different purposive group. Regarding to traditional expectations of exhibition visitors, organizers offer you not only to exhibit and present various products and services, but also to sell, organize lotteries and shows, especially in the halls for „mass visitors” group.

By organizing above-mentioned shows you will be able to get a discount. (It depends on size of the stand, investments in stand and its image, prospective public show scale and preconceived advertising etc.)

As always, organizers are ready to deal with your substandard requirements, requests for participation in advertising, conference and seminar programs of INFOBALT‘2006, becoming sponsor or offering new accents for INFOBALT‘2006.

Take your time to visit the websites at  and .

Mr. Vytautas Vitkauskas
President of Association “Infobalt” 

Mr. Aloyzas Tarvydas
Director of  Lithuanian Exhibition and Convention Centre „Litexpo“ 



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