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According to the mission which has been given, CIRA has given itself the objectives of :

  • Becoming a centre of excellence in space and aeronautic disciplines with theoretical and experimental capabilities;
  • Promoting training and knowledge of the aerospace sector;
  • Acquiring and transferring know-how for the improvement of the competitiveness of existing industries and for creating new ones.

In order to reach these objectives CIRA intends to :

  • Develop medium- to long-term research projects in synergy with the scientific and industrial community;
  • Participate in research projects in partnership with major international institutions ;
  • Develop modelling, simulation and experimental capabilities, both on ground and in flight through the acquisition and development of technological demonstrators;
  • Set up partnerships with other national and international research centres in order to support synergies and complementariness with other already existing and strategic testing and/or laboratory means;
  • Utilize its own competences, ground and flying laboratories to offer the international aerospace community the capability of experimenting, certifying and researching ;
  • Call upon national and international experts.

Patalpino: Irma Markeviciute, CIRA - Italian Aerospace Research Center

Atnaujinta: 2006-10-10

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